With a team of over 60 scorers in both the US and India, Trivium has built up capacity to score 1500 essays per day. Trivium has the capability to grade essays, constructed responses, performance tasks, short answers and long answers. Trivium provides grading for English, Math and Science topics.

Key aspects:

  • Development of Rubric based on learning objectives
  • Rigorous training and certification process for all graders
  • Strong operations management to ensure fast turnaround times

Test Prep Essay Scoring

Trivium has signed a contract with The Princeton Review to exclusively grade all essays written as part of its global test preparation operations. Trivium currently grades approximately 30,000 essays per month for The Princeton Review.

Service Responsibility

  • Recruitment and Training of graders in the US and India
  • Daily management of essay queue and allocation of essays
  • Monthly quality audits, error tracking and performance improvement
  • Management of productivity to ensure fast turnaround times and low backlog

Strategic Clients

The Princeton Review - The Princeton Review is the global leader in test preparation and tutoring and admissions resources for college and graduate-school bound students.The Princeton Review is a strong global brand with physical and online presence in multiple countries.

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