Tutor Profiles

TTES recruits highly educated & experienced tutors.

Minimum qualification of our tutors teaching school grade students is a Bachelors degree and for college grade students is a Masters degree or PhD. in the subject. In addition many of Trivium's tutors are experienced teachers who have taught online or at a supplementary education center.

Subjects and Grades

Currently we are providing tutoring services for US High-School grade and College grade students in subjects below:

College Grades Math Physics Chemistry
School Grades Math Physics Chemistry

We are open to increase and customize the scope our services in terms of regions, subjects and grades, depending upon the requirements of our clients.

Service Models and SLA

Trivium provides customized service models based on client requirements. Current operations models include

Live Tutors from center

Tutors work from Trivium office in Delhi under the supervision of subject experts and a team leader. Tutors are available for a fixed number of hours every day for the entire school year. In addition to operations reports, Trivium facility is equipped with live IP cameras to monitor the tutors from anywhere in the world.

Live Tutors from home

Trivium utors login to the client tutoring platform from home. Tutoring is provided for a fixed duration of hours every day or for a variable number of hours. Avaialbility, productivity and quality of sessions is managed by Trivium's operations team and subject matter experts on a daily basis through live interactions with the tutors. Regular tutor meets are conducted at our Delhi office, local centers or over web conferencing to ensure that Tutors receive updates on policies, required training and feedback.

Asynchronous Tutors

Trivium tutors respond to student questions within 24 hours of receiving it. Trivium provides fixed capacity in terms of questions per day to its client. Current capacity is 350 questions per day.


Trivium provides high level of service guarantees for Tutor availability, Subject accuracy, and Teaching quality.

Initial training

Trivium follows a comprehensive and rigorous training plan for all new candidates as well as experienced tutors.

  • Subject refresher training by subject matter experts
  • Online tutoring basics and advanced by team lead that covers the below topics:
    1. Introduction to online tutoring - difference from in person teaching
    2. Leading good sessions - Understanding student needs and engaging the student
    3. Teaching Philosophy and Pedagogy - Ensure learning
    4. Communication clarity - Simple effective communications
  • Certification based on performance in over 25 mock sessions during and after training
  • HR policies on code of conduct, safety, regulations and standard operating procedures
  • Regular Subject refreshers and online tutoring refreshers

Strategic Clients

"Our client is #1 online homework help and tutoring service. It has more than 5 million tutoring sessions under its belt and has thousands of tutors online 24/7. Trivium is providing tutoring services to HG level students, in Algebra II and Physics."

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