Data Services

At Trivium, we ensure collaboration of precision and efficiency in the realm of data management and analysis. As a dynamic and versatile business unit, we specialize in three key streams that form the backbone of seamless information handling which are Data Analytics, Data Entry, Data Migration. Our dedicated teams and advanced technology ensure accurate, organized, and accessible data. From meticulous data entry to detailed analysis and transforming data into actionable formats, we empower organizations to make informed decisions with ease.


Our Skills

  • Advanced Excel, Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio), Microsoft Power BI
  • MathML and MathType fluency
  • Good Latex knowledge
  • High-end DTP operating knowledge of Microsoft & other tools
  • Accuracy and high speed in typing skills

What we do

  • Data analysis and visualization.
  • Expertise in working on platforms like C2C, Learnosity, Edulastic, etc.
  • Text alignment, graphics placement for content created by writers & designers.
  • Align content as per the client specified template for publishing software / LMS import-export.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Excel, as a powerful tool, is at the heart of many business operations. Using Advanced Excel techniques, along with visualization tools such as Looker Studio and Power BI, we enable you to harness the full potential of your data.

Data Migration

When it comes to transitioning between systems or platforms, our Data Migration expertise comes into play. We excel in transferring data securely and efficiently from one tool to another or uploading offline data to web portals, ensuring a smooth transition without any loss or compromise in integrity.

Data Entry

In the fast-paced data-driven world, our commitment is to empower organizations with accurate, organized, and accessible data. Our Data Entry services ensure that every piece of information is meticulously captured and cataloged complying with content basis defined parameters.