Text Book & Video solutions

Trivium encompasses a range of tasks related to editorial services to clients aimed at quality, clarity and overall impact of written content. Trivium specializes in both text- based, Video based editorial services.

Text book Solutions

Textbook solutions are detailed answers or explanations to problems and exercises found in textbooks. These solutions are often created to help students understand and apply the concepts introduced in the textbook. They can include step-by-step explanations, diagrams, and sometimes additional notes to aid in comprehension. Textbook solutions are commonly used by students as a study resource to check their work, reinforce learning, and gain a better understanding of the material. These solutions are often provided by the textbook publishers, instructors, or educational platforms.

  • Creating Text-books, workbooks, Study Guide for k12 and college level advanced courses
  • Simplifying Difficult concepts with their sub- topics and explanations
  • Creating Courses for online Universities
  • Designing Courses outlines for Online Universities
  • Creating MCQ’s for topics for various advanced courses
  • Designing Case Studies: In-depth analyses of real-world scenarios, encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Creating Text-based flashcards for memorization and reinforcement of key terms, definitions, and concepts.

Video Solutions

A video solution refers to an educational video that provides explanations, demonstrations, or step-by-step guidance on solving a particular problem or understanding a concept. These videos are often created to assist learners in understanding complex topics, especially in subjects like mathematics, science, programming, and other academic disciplines.

  • Tutorial Videos: Creating video to demonstrate step wise solutions.
  • Lecture Videos:Traditional lectures delivered through video format, allowing students to access course content at their own pace
  • Animated videos: that simplify complex topics through visual storytelling and graphics.
  • Instructional Videos: Videos where instructors explain concepts or solve problems in a dynamic way on a virtual whiteboard or chalkboard.
  • Experimental Videos: Videos that simulate experiments or real-world scenarios, providing students with a virtual hands-on experience.
  • Microlearning Videos:Short, focused videos that deliver bite-sized pieces of information, ideal for quick learning sessions and on-the-go access.

What Makes Us Different?

Detail oriented


We create solutions based on customer requirements. Some solutions provide step-by-step explanations with detailed reasoning for each step. Others may offer more concise solutions, assuming a higher level of prior knowledge or understanding. Solutions should be presented in a clear and consistent manner, making it easy for students to follow the steps and understand the reasoning behind each solution.

We ensure that the solutions are correct and free from errors such Mathematical calculations, scientific explanations etc.